Volunteering at The Eagle

The Eagle Theatre strives to be a hub for the arts in downtown. In order to provide premier service to our patrons, we call on the volunteers of our community. There are several different ways you can assist us throughout the year. If you are interested in joining us please click here and fill out the application. Once approved you will receive an email guiding you to our events landing page.

The Players Guild at Sugar Hill (the in-house theatre group) is also always looking for volunteers to assist with the production of their plays. Some of the volunteer opportunities with the Players Guild include:

  1. Play Selection
  2. Casting Committee
  3. Costumes
  4. Make-up
  5. Set Design/Construction
  6. Production/Stage Crew
  7. Programs/Advertising
  8. Hospitality/Greeters/Ticket Sales
  9. Lighting/Sound

For more information on volunteering with the Players Guild at Sugar Hill email pgatsh2020@gmail.com